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The artistic designs and sculptures used for the products manufactured by Greyland Film® are original pieces of art, author´s work. Designs, models and replicas (reproductions) (i.e. products provided with name identification) are protected by copyright, international protection symbol and industrial designs (patents).  Faces and masks – products made by Greyland Film® - are reproductions of author´s craft and are designed exclusively for the personal use of the customer (for any purpose) or for the purpose of further sale by an authorised distributor, cooperating as agreed with Greyland Film® or for sale via authorised sales representatives. The products were designed and manufactured for the above purposes. Any other use without the permission of Greyland Film® would violate the legitimate interests of the representatives. Any other profit-making use of a face or mask - a product made by Greyland Film® - other than use for the personal needs of the buyer is – in compliance with Section 14, Subsection 1 of the Copyright Act – only possible with the permission of the author. Any other use of the product, earning the user or a third party financial or other revenue or benefits, for example use of the product for advertising, production and distribution of audio-visual art in media, on the internet, a mobile network, etc. or during a public performance including theatrical performance, lease, print, etc. without permission of the authors via Greyland Film® is prohibited. Unless written approval from the patentees is provided, it is forbidden to reproduce the product in any way, or to imitate the products, publicity material or contents of the website developed by Greyland Film®. The mere fact of possessing the products does not allow professional distributors any modifications in terms of design adjustments or breaching other statutory duties.

Any person or entity breaching the above provisions may be prosecuted (civil proceedings, criminal prosecution, legal consequences).

For more detailed information, see “Interview with G-Fantomas”.



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