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Greyland Film - the world of marionettes and masks

Get the perfect grimace copying and extraordinary disguise effect without the need of complicated make-up in just a little while with the original Face from European producer Greyland Film.

Change your image and indentity to amuse your family, friends and yourself with the original Greyland Film's mask and let us know how you like it.

If you're interested in this catchy homy and friendly rubber fun welcome to the Greyland Film company. Thank you for your interest. Greyland Film - the world of marionettes and masks

Greyland Film company Latex Face made of foam rubber – that means magic,soft,elastic latex mask.Made in professional film credibility for purpose of private masking and use.E.g.for Halloween,film,theatre,parties.It is necessary to arrange permit for a professional use of the masks. The characterful art design of the Miloš Grey rubber mask is exceptional in projecting onto real grimaces.The realistic hand-made processing of both the horror and comic masks is in high quality.The original piece from Greyland is full of surprising details. The mask face is available in universal sizes.